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A Lesson on Typography

30 Dec

Good typography can enhance a design concept in multiple ways.

Here is an interesting video on the basics of typography – similar to what was discussed in tutorial.



fatxican, 2007, A lesson on typography.  Available at: <> [Accessed 30 December 2010]


Design Analysis

22 Dec

On the third and final day of our tutorial, the class launched into a design analysis exercise in small groups of 5 with some brochures and publications handed out by our lecturer.

My group’s analysis was based on a information brochure on the Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore. Below is a summary of our analysis:

Mint Museum of Toys  


Intended Audience

The brochure is an information guide intended for visitors to the museums who include tourists, toy collectors as well as families with young children. The colorful content fits the audience well as it reflects the fun element one would associate a toy museum with.

Layout and Design

The content of the 4-fold brochure is laid out carefully by sections. Its concept included a page on which exhibits are categorized by the level on which they can be found. This is extremely useful for collectors who may be visiting to view a specific collection in the museum.

On the front cover and contact information pages, the designer has made good use of white space to enhance the cover design as well as present the contact information and opening hours in a clear manner.


The textual and visual elements of the brochure employ the use of green and blue hues to integrate. The brochure uses minimal texts and employs the use of beautiful visuals to convey information.


With the exception of some quotes printed in serif, a simple sans serif font is used throughout the brochure to enhance readability. The quotes, however, in cursive hand, proved a challenge to read.


Navigating the brochure is a breeze as it frames all information within the page panels. However, to break monotony, one visual took up two panels of the brochure


The Mint Museum of Toys has produced a well-designed brochure that not only serves its purpose as a guide, it also visually entice audience who might not have intended to pick it up with its bright visuals.

Where it all began

20 Dec

This blog is the product of an assignment in Issues in Publication and Design, one of the modules covered in the University of South Australia (UniSA) BA in Communication and Media Management programme.

With this blog, I hope to demonstrate my understanding of publication and design issues and also record my observations on how these have affected print and online media.