Whatever happens online, stays online?

22 Jan

The internet has proved to have far reaching effects on our lives. Last week, an online fracas broke out when Cheo Ming Shen, the young owner of an online advertising set-up sang praises for Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, comparing him to Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela, only to earn rebukes from a local blogger who ges by the online moniker of Rockson Tan.

Like several renowned bloggers in Singapore, Tan takes on an anti-government stance and openly mocks government policies and political leaders in his blog entries. His contemption with the Nelson Mandela-association was magnified when the local mainstream media reported about the online spat and revealed that Cheo, the young supporter of Lee, is also the Chairman of the youth wing of the current ruling political party.

A series of name-calling ensued, mostly on Cheo’s part . Vulgarities were exchanged, much to the online community’s aghast.

While Tan suffered little damage, one cannot help but wonder about the quality of the leadership that the people of Singapore will be inheriting in years to come. Did the young political leader lose his head in the heat of the moment? Or was he daft enough to think that whatever happens online, stays online?


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