Self-censorship Online

2 Feb

Too often now we find ourselves hesitating before hitting that Publish button. In fact, sometimes the hesitation results in us not hitting Publish at all.

In this day and age, where information and opinions are uploaded for the world to see in split seconds, self-censorship is not such a bad thing.

Imagine publicising your every thought, including the deepest darkest one. What repercussions could there be?

According to Hutchinson and Petersen (1999), self-censorship takes on a perculiar situation where both the communicator and the censors are one person, as opposed to censorship where the roles are played by at least two persons.

In describing this situation, the writers stated that “one impulse or desire moves the person in one direction of expressing something, but some other impulse or desire checks the first.”

Personally, I tend to err on the side of safety in practising self-censorship. If I think a certain opinion is not of mainstream view, I will think twice about putting it up for the world to see, regardless of how strongly I may feel about it.



Hutchinson, A. C., Petersen, K., 1999, Interpreting censorship in Canada, University of Toronto Press, Canada


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