Influence of Blogs

18 Feb

According to Rutenbeck and Rutenbeck (2006), a blog (short for weblog) is a web page or a website that is regularly updated, usually by a single person. Blogs are often personal by nature, but gradually more and more blogs have entered the mainstream for opinions, political commentary, news and corporate information sharing.

Among these trends, however, blogs have increasingly been used for shopping. Big-scale retailers and small-time business owners alike have been on the online shopping bandwagon since 2005, raking in millions in total sales each year since then.

A quick check on Google Trends indicate that the online shopping business conducted through blogshops has indeed become one of the fastest growing industry.:

With clothes being one of the most commonly sold items on blogshops, consumers – especially youths – are finding the new past-time of online shopping exceptionally easy on the pockets. The pricing of goods on blogshops are normally lower than those sold in brick and mortar stores as little or no rental cost is incurred in an online set-up.

With consumers finding it easier and safer to shop online, online shopping through blogshops may just become one of the world’s biggest source of economic income in time to come.



Rutenbeck, J. & Rutenbeck, J. B., 2006, Tech terms: what every telecommunications and digital media person should know, Focal Press, USA


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