21 Feb

It has been more than two months since I started this blog. During this time, I have come to appreciate design elements in both online and print publications more than before.

In particular, the blog has taught me to explore topics that I would not have come across in my daily life if not for this very interesting module. Issues in Publication and Design aptly describes the essence of the course as the requirements truly pushes its students to consider every factor of design and publishing.

In my case, I have hardly given much consideration to the use of whitespace. Who would have thought that every inch of space around text and images is carefully engineered to enhance the presentation of information? The Gutenberg diagram particularly fascinates too – who knew such research and studies have gone into the science of human beings’ eye movement?

As a blogger, however, I have had some initial apprehension in approaching this assignment. While the topics are definitely worth exploring, blogging has for so long been a leisure activity I indulge in in my spare moments. Keeping up with a routine to put in an entry every week was something I had to work very hard on.

Nevertheless, I am pleased with the boundaries I have pushed to complete this assignment, and I hope my readers will enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed producing it.


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